Kfar Fund Auction

Kfar is a six-week educational leadership seminar in Israel for our Grade 10 students. It consists of learning Torah, touring the Holy Land and learning about Israel and its history, culture and people. On Kfar, the students visit many of the places that they have learnt about at school, both in Limmudei Kodesh and secular studies. For many students, Kfar is their first time visiting Israel. To encounter the land at this impressionable age with one’s friends and madrichim is an experience that cannot be matched. Kfar is unique in that the students are away from home for a prolonged period of time. As a result of this, they learn independence and are able to create lifelong bonds with their friends and madrichim in this incredible setting.

Kfar plants the seeds for the students to want to come back to Israel on their gap years, which in turn makes them want to come back and contribute to our community in a profound and meaningful way.

Although Kfar had to be cancelled this year, as a result of Covid, the money raised from this auction will pG be used for future Kfar programs.

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