YiD Boys High

Jewish education is not just about the imparting of relevant Jewish content, but also it is about transferring values that link our nation back to Sinai and beyond.

The Yeshiva College Informal Education Department is dedicated to the field of Experiential Jewish Education.

YiD forms an integral part of holistic education at Yeshiva College, giving learners the opportunity to explore Judaism in a safe and dynamic orthodox environment.

YiD offers a number of exciting programs, which learners partake in each year: Shabbatonim, Hitkashrut, TiP Tour, Avot Ubanim and Imahot Ubanot, weekly classes, Yammei Iyun, break time activities, Grade six Tour, chesed innitiatives and Jewish life on campus.

YiD strives to create an environment where young dynamic educators can teach and interact with the learners of Yeshiva College on a daily basis. These dynamic Experiential Jewish educators serve as role models to our learners who are able to give over Jewish content in an inspiring, creative and matter of fact manner, which enable our learners to have to opportunity to ‘live’ or ‘be’ Jewish.

The YiD functions in three schools: The Boys High School, Girls High School and the Primary School. Each with its own dedicated team to who form an integral part of our learners lives as they grow in their own Judaism and further develop their Jewish identity.