The YEISH centre is a unique offering brought to you by Yeshiva College. YEISH is a stand-alone centre located on the Yeshiva College Campus. It offers academic extension and learning support for our high and senior primary school students. It is situated on the ground floor of the Girls High School New Structure. The centre includes small, group learning spaces as well as individual booths for individual learning opportunities (such as online lessons) and exam writing needs (such as concessions).


  • Under the guidance of experts, additional online IEB subjects are being investigated with a possibility of offering these in the future
  • Exploring additional Kodesh curriculum
  • Supervision of all AP subjects including
  • Advanced Programme (AP) Maths
  • Advanced Programme (AP) Science
  • Advanced Programme (AP) English
  • Language, comprehension and reading skills extension.


  • Organisational and study skills mediation and post-monitoring of the application thereof durinG assignment and assessment preparations
  • Test/Exam technique mediation and mock-exam experiences.
  • Provision of support to the subject educators with respect to appropriate adaptation of teaching methodologies and tasks/assessments; as well as regular post-assessment reviews of the students.
  • Regular consultation and collaboration with grade controllers, teachers, the students and the parents, with a view to evaluate and adjust individual plans to provide specific support needed at different times.
  • Referral to any therapies that may be indicated and consultation with such practitioners.
  • Subject Choice counselling (including interest and ability profiling).
  • Uniquely designed individualised educational programmes (IEP’s) for students who require further …… support. This includes small group lessons in core subjects (English; Afrikaans; Maths) using a …….combination of online programs as well as teacher-based learning.
  • Exam concessions (scribes; readers; extra time etc.)
  • Yeshiva College, in conjunction with the YEISH centre, offers the GED which is an alternative school-leaving certificate offered to students sixteen years and older.


The YEISH centre is accessible during the school day (morning and afternoon) and aims to enhance learning for students on the YC campus. So too, the centre provides for an expanded offering in a Torah School Environment.


The YEISH centre is run by Antony Radomsky. Antony has a tremendous amount of experience as a Principal, running both a mainstream high school as well as an inclusion programme. Antony is an expert in Study Skills and Student Organization, which form the basis of learning support for high and senior primary school students.

Larry Hirschowitz is an educational psychologist and has worked at Yeshiva College for eight years. Larry has many years of experience with assessments, IEB concessions, devising learning support programmes as well as offering emotional guidance for teachers and students.

Rob Long, the Academic Director of Yeshiva College, will continue in his role, overseeing all academic aspects of YC. Rob is working closely with a team of professionals who specialise in technology and education. This is an important tenet of the YEISH centre.

Rebbetzin Natalie Altman, the Director of Kodesh & Ethos and Girls’ High School Principal, is working closely with the team in creating Kodesh extension options.

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