It is with tremendous hakarat hatov that the YES Centre has been such a resounding success in the short time since it was launched in January 2018.

After years of discussion, meetings and planning, coupled with a solid vision, and the total dedication and devotion of the YES Centre inception team, the dream has become a reality. The building was completed, the interior was beautifully decorated, the rooms were filled with state-of-the-art equipment and the hand-picked, experienced and committed therapists were ready to go. The next vital ingredient for the YES Centre to become a fully fledged therapy and assessment facility, was the confidence and trust of the parents to enrol their children. The referrals flowed in, the momentum picked up and the wheels of YES started to turn.

During the past 6 months, YES has grown and developed far beyond our wildest expectations. We have employed a third occupational therapist as well as built an additional room to accommodate learners requiring help with fine motor co-ordination. Both our speech therapists have added extra days and hours and so have our remedial therapists.

The YES Centre assessment unit has administered more than 12 full educational assessments for children both at Yeshiva College and within the wider Jewish community. The Centre has taken on the assistance of an extra psychologist to cope with the load of these critical assessments.

Our therapists have made themselves ‘at home’within the Yeshiva College family. They provide ongoing help, support and guidance to any teachers and parents requiring insight and information. Talks and workshops have been held to expand teachers’ knowledge, namely Singapore maths and integrative metronome. Many case conferences and ‘round-table’ discussions have been organised and these have proven to be positive and productive.

Yeshiva College learners from playschool to high school and all grades in between are taking advantage of the multiple therapies offered at the YES Centre. Children from other schools are also benefiting from this all-in-one facility after school hours throughout the disciplines. Many delegations from various schools have come to view the YES Centre, both for its WOW factor and also to gain insight into how it is run and administered.

Just over the horizon, phase two is coming into fruition. This phase will be the multi-purpose hall, bathroom and change room facilities and phase three will be the music rooms and art studio. The plans have been finalised and we are currently awaiting final quotes in order for phase two to become a reality for the learners of Yeshiva College as soon as possible. This project will be the Extension part of YES.

We would like to thank everybody involved with the YES Centre for their support, suggestions and encouragement. We believe that the Centre is fulfilling a vital service enabling and empowering children with skills and abilities in order to succeed and achieve.


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