Ruth Kirkel

Principal Yeshiva College Playschool

Ruth Kirkel qualified through the University of the Witwatersrand and the University of Pretoria.

Her involvement in Early Childhood Education extends over a period of more than twenty five years.

Her interest in and commitment to education includes those learners with special needs and she has worked with a range of learners over the years.

Passionate about the educational and emotional needs of young children, in particular, Ruth encourages a culture of warmth and excellence in her school. With education a dynamic and ongoing process, Ruth and her staff are committed to attending continuous professional development courses on a variety of topics pertaining to Early Childhood development.

She is married with three children.


Message from Principal Ruth Kirkel

“Playschools and [Pre-Primary Schools] should be places where little children experience love, laughter and learning.” (TREE)

It is, indeed, to the above that our school aspires.

A complement of teachers and assistants whose overwhelming aim is the wellbeing and happiness of every child in their care imbues our school with nurturing and love.

That special sense of warmth and energy so unique to a Play-/Pre-Primary School environment characterises each day in our school. The sheer exuberance and enjoyment of young children spills over as opportunities are offered and grasped and the school is filled with the boundless energy of little people moving, doing and enjoying.

The natural curiosity of young children is encouraged with the many and varied learning experiences offered in both General Studies and Kodesh. While creative expression is explored through a variety of mediums, the acquisition of knowledge and development of skills results from the myriad of interesting activities that occupy our children’s mornings at school.

The participation in various chesed initiatives illuminates the importance of tzeddaka and the incredible spirit of giving that is such an important part of our school.

Our children move from unit to unit and finally conclude their Pre-Primary School years with firm friendships developed; a love for and knowledge of Yiddishkeit established; an awareness of the world around them; a multitude of skills in place and a blossoming sense of self-esteem and respect for others.