Mr Rob Long

Principal Yeshiva College Girls and Boys High School

We are pleased to inform you that your Board of Governors has pleasure in announcing the appointment of an accomplished and very senior professional educator, Mr Rob Long, who will be joining us in a broader role to fulfil a job of Educational Director across all of our schools with his primary responsibility being the management of both of our Boys’ and Girls’ High Schools. Mr. Long’s responsibilities herein will include oversight and development of the quality of our educational product, which the Board believes should be our primary focus in taking our school forward. A thorough and comprehensive search for the appropriate professional was conducted and a number of excellent candidates were specifically recruited for interview, as part of a professional recruitment process. We are confident that Mr. Rob Long has the necessary credentials, experience and sensitivity to fulfil all of our ambitious aspirations.

Mr. Rob Long joins us from St John’s College, where he occupies the position of Deputy Headmaster. Mr. Long will be joining Yeshiva College from August 2018. Mr. Long has spent the last sixteen years in various senior positions at St. John’s College. He was previously employed at Queens High School, from which he received a transfer to St. John’s, and served in senior positions at Queens for eleven years. Mr. Long’s current responsibilities at St. John’s include being responsible for admissions into the College, coordinating all major events, and liaising with the parent body on all Parent Association events. Mr. Long sits on the Campus Management Committee, College Executive, Building Committee, Scholarships and Bursaries Committee and Sports Committee. Mr. Long is a member of various schools’ disciplinary committees, is responsible for Health and Safety for the St. John’s campus and chairs the weekly Campus Operations Meeting, co-ordinating all activities across the five campuses. He is also responsible for the day-to-day running of the College (Grade 8 – Grade 12) and co-ordinating the calendar across the academic, religious, sport and cultural offerings of the College. Throughout his career, and notwithstanding his administrative roles, Mr. Long has maintained his presence in senior History classes at St. John’s, including Cambridge A-level post school students, as well as having served as an examination marker for IEB History. Mr. Long is a keen sportsman and his extra-mural activities have included coaching tennis, cricket, cross-country and athletics.

Mr. Long also serves on the Board of Pridwin Preparatory School, in an educationalist portfolio. He has represented St. John’s at various conferences – both domestically and internationally.