Rebbetzin Natalie Altman

Girls High School Menahelet

It is with great delight that we announce the appointment of Rebbetzin Natalie Altman to the leadership of our Yeshiva College schools, taking up the position of Menahelet of our Girls’ High School. In addition to this, Rebbetzin Natalie will play a key strategic role in developing our educational offering – with a focus on the integration of a strong Limudei Kodesh offering with General Studies and best practices in education across our schools. Rebbetzin Natalie will also drive parent engagement and educational programming for our school and campus.

Rebbetzin Natalie Altman, with her husband Rabbi Jonny Altman and family, will be moving up to Johannesburg in January 2019, to play this central role on our campus across our School and Shul organisations. Rebbetzin Natalie has served as the founding Principal of Phyllis Jowell Jewish Day School in Cape Town since 2005. Rebbetzin Natalie and Rabbi Jonny also served as the founding Rabbinic couple of Beit Midrash Morasha in Sea Point for many years. Together they have dedicated almost two decades to Jewish communal service and been at the centre
of Torah growth in the Cape Town Jewish community. Rebbetzin Natalie holds a Bachelor’s in Education from Wits University and has attended various leadership courses in education through ISASA, Professional Minds, The Academy and the Elliot Osrin Leadership Institute.

In her youth, Rebbetzin Natalie held key leadership positions in Bnei Akiva, SAUJS and other communal