Rabbi Daniel Kaplan

Menahel Boys’ High School

Rav Daniel Kaplan is no stranger to the Boys’ High School, a former headboy of the school and our Senior Gemara Rebbe for the last few years. Rav Kaplan brings many strengths with him to his position of Menahel of the Boys’ High School. He played a key role in the launching of the HaKoach Committees Leadership system and has instrumental in our increased success in post High School Yeshivot. Under his expert guidance, more of our learners have elected to spend their gap year in Israel and have found increased success in their integration and development in Yeshiva. He also has extensive experience in Yeshiva, as an educator in Israel and South Africa and from serving in multiple leadership roles within Bnei Akiva in his younger years and most recently as the National Shaliach. He is well-known for his caring, warm and personable nature, which has been key to his ability to develop the organizations he has worked in and the people he has worked with

Message from the Menahel

Dear Parents

Welcome to the Yeshiva College Boys’ High School. Our school provides each and every child with a vibrant Torah Education. Our aim is to instill in every learner a love for and commitment to the study and practice of Torah, Halacha, and Mitzvot coupled with a love for the State of Israel and the Jewish People.

We aim to provide a supportive, caring environment that is focused on developing the whole learner. The atmosphere at our BHS is filled with warmth and a team of dedicated staff members are committed to nurturing the spiritual and emotional growth of each learner.

Our aim in the BHS Limudei Kodesh department is to give our Talmidim the opportunity to engage in Limudei Kodesh in a serious and exciting way. Our desire is for them to enthusiastically find their voice in the conversation of ages, as they connect and continue their deep Jewish heritage as independent learners and future leaders of Am Yisrael. Central to this process, is a structured and inspiring curriculum designed with the goals of empowering our learners with the necessary skills to become independent Torah thinkers; with the tools and knowledge to inspire others, or perhaps more importantly – to inspire themselves.