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Yeshiva College Pre-Primary School

Nursery School and Grade R

Our pre-primary school is a colourful, vibrant, warm and welcoming environment where we nurture each child’s social, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and physical needs.

The school’s objective is to instil a love of Judaism and Yiddishkeit, creating a platform for a lifetime of Torah learning, together with the development of skills and knowledge of the world around us, providing a solid foundation for future years of formal schooling.


General Studies:

Themes underpin the General Studies programme and incorporate a variety of skills aimed at the development of our learners.

Literacy, numeracy, gross and fine motor development, language enrichment, perceptual activities, songs, stories, discussion rings, creative activities through a variety of mediums and an awareness of the world around us.

Singapore Maths is offered to our Middle Group and Grade R group.

Hebrew vocabulary is introduced in Younger Group while our Middle Group and Grade R’s begin Hebrew letter recognition.

A Language Enrichment programme, presented by a speech therapist, focuses on the children’s auditory and language skills and is done once a week with each class.

A Pro-Social Skills programme is introduced at Younger Group level and continued through to and including Grade R. It aims to foster empathy in a healthy, mutually beneficial friendship relationships among the children.

Music and sport sessions take place once a week.


An extensive and Torah rich programme is offered, ensuring the children develop a love for Judaism and Israel.

Davening, discussions, rings and creative activities pertaining to the Chaggim, Parsha and Shabbat, Chessed projects and a Darkeinu programme which focuses on kindness towards and respect for others.


The school consists of 13 classes, a Kodesh and Media Centre as well as three well-equipped gardens that promote gross motor development through exciting equipment. We also have a variety of stimulating indoor resources to further enrich the children’s learning experience.

A loving and exciting after-care facility is available for the children who need to stay beyond school time.

Extra-curricular activities offered include:






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