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Yeshiva College Pre-Primary School

Nursery School and Grade R
Yeshiva College Pre-Primary School aims to develop the “whole child” by nurturing each child’s social, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and physical needs within a warm, loving, stimulating and secure environment.
The school’s objective is to instil a love of Judaism and Yiddishkeit, creating a platform for a lifetime of Torah learning, together with the development of skills and knowledge of the world around us, providing a solid foundation for future years of formal schooling.


An integrated and extensive General Studies and Kodesh programme underlies the curriculum.
General Studies: Themes underpin the General Studies programme for each unit and incorporate a variety of skills aimed at the development of our learners.
The programme includes literacy; numeracy; gross and fine motor development; language enrichment; perceptual activities; songs; stories; discussion rings; creative activities through a variety of mediums and an awareness of the world around us.
Singapore Maths, which encourages critical thinking, is covered in Middle Group (five year old unit) and Grade R (six year old unit).
A formal Hebrew vocabulary programme is introduced in Younger Group (four year old unit). A formal Hebrew programme, including letter recognition, is introduced in Middle Group (five year old unit) and continued in Grade R.
A Language Enrichment programme, presented by a speech therapist, focuses on the children’s auditory and language skills and is done once a week with each class.
A Pro-Social Skills programme is introduced at Younger Group level and continued through to and including Grade R. It aims to foster empathy in and healthy, mutually beneficial friendship relationships among the children.
Music and sport sessions take place once a week.

Additional activities include Pesach seders; visits to the matzo factory; Yom Ha’Atzmaut festivities; Shavuot celebrations; puppet shows; animal shows and more.
Kodesh: An extensive and Torah rich programme is offered. The children develop a love for Judaism and Israel together with a thorough knowledge and understanding of Jewish values, laws and customs.
The Kodesh curriculum includes davening; discussions, rings and creative activities pertaining to the Chaggim, Parsha and Shabbat; and a Darkeinu programme which focuses on kindness towards and respect for others.
Skills covered and developed in the General Studies’ programme are further reinforced in the Kodesh programme.
Chesed projects also take place.
Grade R: In addition to the above, the Grade R programme includes a formal Hebrew programme; a formal literacy programme; a life skills programme run by the school’s Social Worker; weekly sports sessions with Primary School coaches.


The school consists of 13 classes, a Kodesh and Media Centre as well as three well-equipped gardens that promote gross motor development through exciting equipment. A variety of stimulating indoor resources, that are upgraded continuously, further enrich the children’s learning experience.
A large complement of qualified educators, who attend professional development courses continuously on a variety of topics pertaining to Early Childhood Development, and assistants, both of who are dedicated to the holistic wellbeing of the children, teach and nurture our learners.
Services Provided
Extra-curricular activities offered include Playball, Ballet, Karate, Yoga and Drama.
An after-care facility is available.

School Starting and Finishing Times

The school is open from 7.45 am.
Pre-Primary School:
8.30 am – 12.30 pm (Monday – Thursday)
8.30 am – 12.15 pm (Friday)
Grade R:
8.00 am – 1.00 pm (Monday – Thursday)
8.00 am – 12.15 pm (Friday)

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