Wall Luach

 The Yeshiva College luach is a versatile and informative resource that will allow any Jew in South Africa to inform himself of vital information regarding daily Jewish practice and the special occasions of Shabbat and Festivals. The offering has two components which conveniently complement each other.

The wall luach which is intended primarily for shuls and Batei Midrash gives Rabbonim and Gabbaim everything they need to correctly conduct even the most intricate service. What tefillot are included or left out on any given day no longer needs to be the subject of a debate. There is also a wealth of explanation in our appendix which provides clear directives on many of the minhagim we practice as part of our synagogue rituals.

The handy pocket luach is fantastic to keep with you wherever you go. All the important times for the major cities in South Africa, a one glance look at an entire month to help you get your “Jewish bearings”; when is Yomtov? Are there 2 days of Rosh Chodesh this month? What is the haftorah? This year, for 5777, we will even add some insight and instruction about some of the practices we do in our homes. Building a sukkah, making Kiddush, erecting an Eiruv will all be elucidated in this “must have” addition to your home and life.