The Yeshiva College Foundation Subsidy Campaign

At Yeshiva College, we are driven by a passion for Torah learning and living and we focus on academic excellence evident in our consistently outstanding matric results and 100% pass rate. This exceptional education is a privilege that not everyone can afford and our Foundation has supported a number of learner subsidies/bursaries over the years.

Yeshiva Alumni have gone on to make their mark in the world as entrepreneurs, professionals, artists and leaders in their communities locally and abroad. Some of these individuals were bursary recipients and as a result, have made a difference to the lives of others.

We ask you to consider the following:

  • The Yeshiva College Foundation today funds a part of school fees of approximately 300 students.
  • This program currently costs in the region of R17.9 million (US$1.8 million) each year.
  • The bursaries range from partial to a high percent of the fee, and, importantly, are allocated on the basis of financial need as well as if they are a true” Yeshivanik”- Yeshiva College material.
  • Allocations are determined by a highly confidential and careful review of the financial circumstances of each learner’s family by a team that works anonymously.
  • By supporting our bursary campaign, you are ensuring that every deserving child who finds themselves in need, receives this benefit – being a part of Yeshiva College – not just a school, but “a lifestyle”

Bursary Donations

  • Full bursary per annum:  R90 000 (US$6 000)
    This is the amount that would fund one of our children for school per annum and this can be made as one lump sum donation or in instalments through the year.

For more than one child:

  • 3 children: R270 000 (US$17 800)
  • 2 children: R180 000 (US$12 000)
  • Half individual bursaries: R45 000 (US$3 000)
  • Quarter individual bursaries: R22 500 (US$1 500)