Pesach Appeal

Dear Friend,

Yeshiva College is the largest Torah School in South Africa and we as a community must ensure that the material and spiritual needs of our Yeshiva Family are always provided for. The Yeshiva College Foundation is committed to ensuring that every deserving child receives a Torah Education.

During the pre Pesach days, our teachers are busy preparing our children through activities such as making a Hagadah, and lessons and shiurim on the halachot of Pesach that will enhance the family seder and make it a meaning experience for all, young and old. Making a donation towards our annual Pesach campaign is a most significant and appropriate Mitzvah that one can observe in preparation for this important chag. Pesach, after all, is about children, miracles and freedom!

Pesach celebrates the birth of the Jews as a nation. It is during this holiday that we recognise that we are not only individuals or families – we are a community of people with diverse abilities, interests and needs. We are only complete and whole when we care for all people. G d created us this way to impress upon us the idea that we are two halves of a whole. What one lacks, the other has. We are never complete and fulfilled without each other. Each year, Yeshiva College Foundation gives out a token Pesach gift to remind us of those who need our assistance. Below are gifts we have handed out over the past few years. Please pop into our office and collect your Afikomen bag should you not have received yours in the post.

Share in the pride of knowing you helped touch the lives of others, whether it is physically, emotionally or spiritually. Help us to help others! Make your donation now Donate Now.