Jenny Ginsberg and Marion Falk Bursary Fund

Yeshiva College Nursery School was privileged to have Marion Falk z”l and Jenny Ginsberg z”l  facilitating the nurturing and early education of generations of Yeshiva College children. Jenny and Marion shared a close connection, first as newly qualified teachers and then as friends and colleagues.

Marion’s legacy was perpetuated through the donation of a Sefer Torah to Yeshiva College by her family, in February 2016. The eternal nature of Torah, is indeed a fitting tribute to a lady who gave her life to providing children with a Torah education.

In acknowledgment of Jenny Ginsberg’s incredible 25 year commitment to the Nursery School – Rabbi Avraham Tanzer shlit”a, Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Leron Bernstein and the Yeshiva College Foundation, have established:

The Jenny Ginsberg and Marion Falk Bursary Fund

This fund will provide much needed financial assistance for families in need, thereby providing future generations of children with the crucial grounding and comprehensive Torah education, provided by Yeshiva College.

A portion of the funds will also be set aside, for the upskilling of teaching assistants, providing them with the ability to build their futures too.

This provision of equal opportunities and assistance of those less fortunate, are values that were of supreme importance to both Jenny and Marion.

Help us build on the platform that has already been established by the Ginsberg and Falk families, by contributing to this essential fund and investing in values that were held in such high esteem by Jenny and Marion.

Donate today and help us ensure that we are able to perpetuate the legacies left by these caring, passionate and committed teachers, thereby ensuring that generations of children receive an timeless Torah Education.

Yeshiva College Foundation Banking Details:

Bank: Standard Bank
Account number: 001847244
Branch code: 004105 or Norwood
Swift Code: SB ZA ZA JJ

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