Hugos Greenhood

Hugo’s Greenhood initiative was the brain child of Hugo Paluch, a Grade 8 student at Yeshiva College.

His initial concern was the dire circumstances in which Informal Waste Collectors (Recyclers) operate in.

Hugo was a visionary, who befriended the recyclers giving them a lunch, but hoped to one day give them the opportunity to have employment. He saw those that the world did not see. His wish was “for us to become aware that “our small actions can change lives” thereby giving the recyclers the opportunity to become empowered and support their families and community.

Hugo helped organise the recyclers into an association by raising funds for a year-end bonus and giving them the opportunity to feel as if they were employed and to further support their families.

Parallel to this, Yeshiva College was working on an outreach project where all learners and their families would be involved in recycling in their homes. These two spheres combined to form the Greenhood project which ensures that the recyclers will become empowered and their activities will be more efficient and safe; learners and their families will be educated in the field of Waste Management which in turn will address our environment and socio-economic issues.

Hugo’s Greenhood serves to continue the amazing work he started … and improve all our lives.

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