Chavruta YC, 8th March 2015

The Chavruta YC launch was held on the 8th March 2015 and was a resounding success. An Alumnus of 2009, came up with the idea of Chavruta YC which is a combination of Torah learning and friendship facilitated by the Yeshiva College Foundation. Gabi Perleman approached the Foundation earlier this year with his idea that was borne out of the desire to re-instil the love of learning Torah with old school friends who want to stay in touch.

A group of 50 Alumni from the years 2005 to 2015 arrived for a chilled braai and learning. Rabbi Avraham Tanzer opened the event by welcoming the Alumni and emphasizing, based on experience, how – besides for family of course, the relationship of an old school friend is one of the strongest bonds forged.

It is insightful to note that for thousands of years the concept of a “chavruta”- a one-on-one study partner, has always been the hallmark of traditional Jewish learning. Chavruta YC combines the above two.

Perelman went on to explain: “Once a week, for 40 minutes or so, you learn with your old school friend whom your “class organiser” has carefully paired you up with. A huge pro is also the enormous flexibility available. It is up to you and your chavruta to learn anytime, anyplace and anything.” The plan ahead for Chevruta TC is to hold chilled “braais” and events every two to three months for everyone involved to get together refresh and renew. It is a friendly reminder for guys to keep up the learning. Consistent Chevruta partners are entered into a raffle to stand the chance of winning a trip to Cape Town and Israel!

Chavruta YC is really a golden opportunity to reconnect with your mates as well as to humanity’s greatest gift…the Torah.

The Yeshiva College Family thanks all you who attended this wonderful initiative and we look forward to seeing all our Alumni across the ages on Campus.

Gabi Perelman and Carol Rod