Yeshiva College Girls High School

General Studies

Yeshiva College occupies a unique niche in the world of Independent High schools.

As a Religious Jewish school, everything that we do is informed by our ethos and values.

Our unique offering encompases a dual curriculum, devoting approximately 30 % of our day to Limudei Kodesh. However, we do not allow this focus to distract us from a total dedication to competing academically with the top academic schools. It is an extremely important focus in the High School that we attract and keep the best teachers available. At Yeshiva College, we place a great deal of emphasis on academic excellence and developing the whole learner. This is evident in our outstanding matric results and the contribution that our graduates go on to make to the world around them. Over the past six years, because of a concentrated vision of all round excellence, we have seen a drastic improvement in our matric results. We are extremely proud of our consistent 100% matric pass rate and we are particularly excited about the fact that in 2014, as well as attaining an average of 3,92 distinction per matric candidate, we also achieved 100% University Entrance, affording all of our graduating class, the privilege of being eligible to go to university if they so desire.

We also offer a wide variety of subjects in the General Studies sector, taking into account the different career paths our learners might wish to pursue as well as the different academic abilities within the learner population.

Subjects on offer include:

  • English
  • Afrikaans
  • Maths
  • AP Maths
  • Science
  • Life Science
  • Hebrew
  • Accounts
  • Life Orientation
  • Consumer Studies
  • Dramatic Arts
  • History
  • Geography

We also offer extra assistance where necessary and clinics are run in the afternoons to help learners who might be in need of support. We have two Educational Psychologists, one in each of the high schools, who are available to help learners with any problems they might face.At Yeshiva College Girls’ High School, our goal is to ensure that our students receive a unique Jewish education of the highest standard. We aspire to foster in them a love for and commitment to Torah and mitzvoth, a love of the Land of Israel and responsibility towards the Jewish People.

We strive to empower our students to be independent thinkers. It is our aspiration to equip our learners with the necessary skills to be able to study independently, to be analytical thinkers and to harness their creativity. Our motto is: “Empowering Todays’ Young Women to be the leaders of Tomorrow!”

Kodesh Curriculum

CHUMASH & NAVI, both subjects focus on studying original texts and developing skills in analysis of the commentaries. HALACHA, practical Jewish Law, JEWISH HISTORY, SHA’AT YO’ETZET, middot and personal growth from a Torah perspective with our mechanchot, PARSHAT SHAVUA, the weekly Torah portion, BIUR TEFILLAH, insight into prayer, MACHSHAVA an understanding of Jewish Philosophy and Thought, MIND/BODY/SOUL a rotation of Sport, Chessed and Guest Speakers.

Beit Midrash Track has recently been launched that offers a higher level Limudei Kodesh opportunity parallel to a number of mainstream classes. This track specializes in developing critical thinking as well as the required skills to analyze Torah Texts.

The Shalhevet Programme offers daily early morning breakfast shiurim before the start of the school day. A broad range of exciting topics are covered by young and dynamic Rabbis, teachers and facilitators. Once a week we have a Lunch ‘n Learn program where girls have a choice of Shiurim to attend while enjoying a delicious lunch. A brand new Shalhevet Beni Akiva Midrasha initiative has taken after-school Torah learning to our highest level yet!


Our campus is bright and contemporary and our facilities include audio-visual capabilities to enhance a state-of-the-art education with a modern teaching apparatus for a school of the 21st Century. An exciting recently completed building project includes a multi-purpose Beit Midrash and a canteen taking our infrastructure to greater heights.

Extra Murals

Our informal programme includes many fun-filled and enriching activities such as Breakfast Clubs, extra shiurim before and after school, sports, Chessed and outreach programmes (including visits to Sandringham Gardens, Selwyn Segal and Our Parents’ Home as well as outreach to the broader community as well as fundraising. YiD (Yeshiva Informal Department) runs Shabbatonim, School Tours and a host of cultural activities. Our students participate in Leadership Forums both locally (Junior City Council) and internationally (Yeshiva University Model United Nations). Many of them spend a few months of their Grade 10 year on “Kfar”, a Bnei Akiva leadership programme that includes studying in an Israeli Ulpena (High School).