Dinah Unterslak

Principal Yeshiva College Primary School

Dinah is a proud alumnus of Yeshiva College. After spending a year learning at Midreshet Harova, she enrolled at WITS University and graduated with an Honours Degree in Speech Pathology and Audiology.  Dinah followed her passion in child language and operated a successful private practice in a Northern Suburbs Remedial school for 12 years. During this time, she attended many courses and gained incredible insight and knowledge in both child development and education.

Dinah opened the doors of the YES centre in 2018 with the vision and intention of making it a world class therapy and assessment facility. Through a multidisciplinary approach, and the knowledge that early intervention is key, she has been able to create a safe space that is sought after by many.

In August 2019, with the backing of the YES centre, Dinah launched the Yavneh Remedial Stream, the very first of its kind for South African Jewry. The Yavneh Remedial Stream is a fully integrated remedial education within a Torah environment.

Dinah became principal of our primary school in January 2020, just before Covid hit Johannesburg.  She has proven to lead the school with passion, integrity, enthusiasm and direction.

Dinah is married with five beautiful children, and enjoys baking, reading and eating ice cream at every opportunity.

Dinah’s favourite quote: “tracht gut vet zein gut…Think good and it will be good.”