Yeshiva College Playschool

Our playschool is a warm and welcoming space where we work to develop the whole child by nurturing each child’s social, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and physical needs.

The playschool offers an age-appropriate, integrated General Studies and Kodesh programme. We work to instil a love of Judaism and Yiddishkeit, creating a platform for a lifetime of Torah learning, together with the development of skills and knowledge of the world around us.


General Studies

Literacy, numeracy, perceptual activities, gross and fine motor development, creative activities through a variety of mediums, songs, stories, discussion rings and outdoor play.


Davening, Parsha; Mitzvah of the Week, stories, songs, Chaggim, Shabbat, Chessed programme.


Our playschool accommodates three classes with loving teachers and assistant teachers who attend continuous professional development courses about Early Childhood Development. Every member of staff has a priority to love, nurture and help our little learners.

We have an exciting outdoor playground that fuels our children’s energy and challenges them to develop key coordination skills and muscle strength.

We also have a variety of educational games and resources to help develop our little learners skills.