Yeshiva College Playschool

Yeshiva College Playschool aims to develop the “whole child” by nurturing each child’s social, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and physical needs within a warm, loving, secure and stimulating environment.

The Playschool offers an age-appropriate, integrated General Studies and Kodesh programme. The school’s objective is to instil a love of Judaism and Yiddishkeit, creating a platform for a lifetime of Torah learning, together with the development of skills and knowledge of the world around us.


An integration of General Studies and Kodesh underlies the curriculum.

General Studies: Literacy; numeracy; perceptual activities; gross and fine motor development; creative activities through a variety of mediums; songs; stories; discussion rings.

Kodesh: Davening; Parsha; “Mitzva of the Week”; stories; songs; Chaggim; Shabbat; Chesed programme.

Exciting and stimulating extra-curricular activities include: Music and Movement; Playball; library; drumming; a variety of edutainment such as animals and puppet shows.

A Language Enrichment programme, presented by a speech therapist, focuses on the children’s auditory and language skills and is done once a week with each class.


Yeshiva College Playschool is able to accommodate three classes. The children turn three years old in the year that they spend at the Playschool. A large complement of teachers, who attend continuous professional development courses on a variety of topics pertaining to Early Childhood Development, and assistants teach and nurture our little learners.

Outdoors, an exciting playground fuels our children’s energy whilst, indoors, a variety of educational games and resources develop our little learners’ skills. Resources are continually upgraded to further enrich the children’s learning experience.

School Starting and Finishing Times

The school is open from 7.45 am.
In view of the ages of our learners, the children arrive between 7.45 am and 8.45 am.
Monday – Thursday: 7.45 am – 12.15 pm
Friday: 7.45 am – 12 noon