Morah Chana Meira Katz

Chana Meira earned her teaching Diploma from Hadar Beis Yaakov in Jerusalem. She is a graduate of the Ohr LaGolah Leadership programme, and received a BA in Psychology and English from UNISA with distinction. In addition to spending over a decade teaching in a classroom setting, Morah Katz has many years of experience being a Madricha, as well as tutoring and counselling girls in High and Post school programs. Whilst being passionate about Torah studies, Chana Meira has also been instrumental in implementing 21st century teaching practices in the high-school. When Morah Katz is not in the classroom, she enjoys freelance writing. Her articles have been published in South Africa and abroad. She is married to Rabbi Jeremy Katz and has five children.

Message from the Menahelet Chana Meira Katz

Our vision for the Girls High School is to create a space where every girl has a chance to achieve and experience success. We strive to ensure that every girl feels valued for who she is and achieve her true potential. We aim to create an atmosphere of safety by providing mentors and a solid support network. The ultimate goal is for our girls to develop a relationship with Hashem and the Torah and feel passionate about their Judaism.

We believe that education is the key to empowering young women and we are committed to equipping our students to be independent successful adults. Therefore our kodesh curriculum is taught at a high level, encouraging critical thinking and dynamic debate. Regular and systematic testing ensures that there is constant revision thus internalising the material learned. We aim to equip our Talmidot with the skills to be able to study independently and make a personal connection with their Torah.

We firmly believe that Derech Eretz Kadma Latorah. Therefore we encourage our students to reach out to others. We have organised Chessed both in and out of regular school hours. In addition, our Informal Department supplements our curriculum with experiential learning, team building and middot Workshops. Our Mechanechet system ensures that every student is looked after in a holistic fashion. Finally, our Shalhevet division offers extra Torah learning opportunities with breakfast Shiurim, Lunch and Learn at break, evening Midrasha and Imot uVanot sessions.