About the Alumni

It is 62 years since the establishment of Yeshiva College in 1953. Thousands of graduates have passed through our doors and have been equipped with a unique schooling experience, rich in Torah values and extensive life skills.

The Yeshiva College Foundation invites all Yeshiva College Alumni to join our worldwide network of graduates and help us to expand our reach. In doing so, we aim to:

  • maintain relationships with you, our former students, both locally and abroad;
  • provide you with news and updates of events taking place on campus;
  • and monitor the achievements of fellow alumni.

As part of Yeshiva’s esteemed alumni, there are various ways in which you can actively participate in the activities of the schools in order to contribute to its long-term success and sustainability and keep abreast of any campus developments.

Why give

By giving to our Torah School of Excellence, you help some of our brightest learners continue and succeed with their studies, regardless of their means. Share our vision and help realise a better future for our children by supporting our many educational initiatives through financial assistance.

Your support, however big or small, makes a difference in the lives of our learners.