Derech Eretz

Instilling integrity and respect in all that we do


Commitment to Halacha

Striving to live according to Torah values


Devotion to Israel

Love, dedication and commitment to our holy land.


Kindness and Chessed

Fulfilling our social responsibility to the world


Ahavat Hashem

Developing a loving, deep connection to Hashem


Play School

Our playschool is a warm and welcoming space for our little learners, offering an age-appropriate, integrated General Studies and Kodesh programme.

Our pre-primary school is a colourful, vibrant, warm and welcoming environment where we nurture each child’s social, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and physical needs.

Pre-Primary School

Primary School

Our primary school offers learners a holistic education, focusing on academic achievement across both our Limudei Kodesh and General Studies, while nurturing our students to grow into kind individuals who will contribute positively to the world.

Girls High School

Our Girls High School strives to empower our students to be independent thinkers, equipping our learners with the necessary skills to be able to study independently, to be analytical thinkers and to harness their creativity. “Empowering Todays’ Young Women to be the leaders of Tomorrow.”

Boys High School

Our Boys High School offers a niche schooling experience to our students. As a religious Jewish school, everything that we do is informed by our ethos and values. We provide a unique education combining excellence in General and Jewish studies.

To create a nurturing environment in which the Yeshiva partners with parents to provide excellence in Torah Chinuch

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