Derech Eretz

Approaching all endeavours with responsibility and integrity


Commitment to Halacha

Striving to live according to Torah values


Love of Eretz Yisrael

(Land of Israel) and appreciation of the State of Israel


Gemillut Chassadim

Our social responsibility towards society


Ahavat Hashem

Nurturing a meaningful relationship with Hashem


Pre-Primary School

We aim to develop the “whole child” by nurturing each child’s social, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and physical needs in a loving, stimulating and secure environment.

Primary School

Yeshiva College Primary School is focused on high academic achievement across all levels of education, combining excellence in Limudei Kodesh and General Studies.

Girls High School

At Yeshiva College Girls’ High School, our goal is to ensure that our students receive a unique Jewish education of the highest standard, as well as providing effective life skills.

Boys High School

Provides a unique education for each learner, combining excellence in General and Jewish studies, as well as a commitment to the State of Israel and the community at large.

To create a nurturing environment in which the Yeshiva partners with parents to provide excellence in Torah Chinuch

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